Leigh Anne Carter is an author-illustrator living in North Carolina. She is an active member and Volunteer-at-Large with SCBWI Carolinas, leads an illustrator critique group, and was honored to receive a Writing with the Stars Mentorship for 2019.
Leigh Anne wants to inspire young readers with stories filled with empathy, kindness, and empowerment. Sometimes those stories have ghosts, magic, or monsters.
Random Facts
–She has worked as a science illustrator, graphic designer, and conservation scientist assistant.
–If she's not working or reading, she's obsessing over Marvel's latest limited series.
–Saw-whet owls are her favorite bird. Ask her on a different day and she’ll give you a different bird.
For book projects, Leigh Anne is represented by Lane Clarke at the ArtHouse Literary Agency.
Send Leigh Anne an email at: lacillustration@gmail.com
*For writers working on self-publishing projects, find illustrators on SCBWI's website.
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